JVJP takes part in annual Walks for Freedom in Lenasia and Fordsburg

The ‘Walk for Freedom’ is a global event held on the 28th September. This year, ten events were held in South Africa. It was the fifth year such an event was held in Lenasia and the first for Fordsburg. The Palestine Solidarity Alliance (PSA) organised the events and JVJP had a presence at both.

In Lenasia, 3 000 members of the community participated in the 7km walk under the theme of “No one is free, until everyone is free. It’s time to take a stand”. As members of the community walked their well known roads, they chanted solidarity slogans, and affirmed their commitment to freedom. The Walk was also attended by struggle stalwarts Ahmed Kathrada and Laloo Chiba, as well as Gauteng premier David Makhura

In Fordsburg, 250 community members came out in support of the Walk and were similarly addressed by an eclectic platform of members of the ANC local branch, BDS SA, JVJP as well as the former ambassador of Palestine.

These events proved important opportunities for getting JVJP’s position into the public realm, raising consciousness about the diversity of Jewish voices in South Africa, and emphasising the importance of our commitment to equality, justice and freedom for all.