JVJP takes part in annual Walk for Freedom march in Cape Town

JVJP members, Emma Daitz and Leonard Shapiro joined the Walk for Freedom in Cape Town on Sunday morning the 28th September.

Before the walk, a number of short speeches were delivered reminding the crowd that this walk was in solidarity with Palestinians who are suffering human rights abuses. Then the walk began in a very orderly fashion.

Marshalls wearing orange vests indicated the direction of the route. There was a large escort of police and traffic police vehicles as well as police officers who walked alongside and behind the last walkers.

The route was along the main road in Green Point, over the Fan Walk bridge and towards the Grand Parade. Leonard Shapiro recounts that, “The statements on our placards clearly identified that we were Jewish and a number of people came up to us and expressed their appreciation that we had joined this solidarity walk. I realised that by walking on this march as Jews, we were helping to bridge a divide between Muslims and Jews; a divide that has only been created because of the injustices being perpetrated against Palestinians who are predominantly Muslim. I recalled our collective history where for centuries Jews and Muslims lived in harmony in the Middle East and North Africa. I thought about the fact that both of our religions have so many elements in common”.

At the Grand Parade, the walkers stopped for a break during which more speeches were made and Emma Daitz was invited to address the crowd. She informed the crowd that, “I am proud to be Jewish but am not a Zionist. There are a growing number of Jews globally and in South Africa who object to the injustices taking place in Israel-Palestine and we look forward to a country where there is equality for ALL who are living in it